Custom Desktop Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux


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We help automate businesses by custom designing fully independent and unique software programs to handle their specific needs.


Our custom designed software can focus on specific areas within the operations of businesses and organizations.


Gathering information to aid in the development of custom software.Areas of expertise include:


  • Retail control and management
  • Retail/wholesale sales (POS systems and order processing)
  • Customer/client/contact management
  • Tracking
  • Any data management type (data-intensive applications with user-friendly front-ends)
  • Reporting
  • Magnetic stripe and bar code generation and reading
  • Specialty printing, such as ticketing, receipt, labels, etc.



With the above specialties, combined with a collection of other past experiences, we can create software programs based on a wide variety of requirements.


You may already have an idea in mind that you have wanted to accomplish, but did not know quite how to do it.

We can help.

Locations Covered


Although we can certainly provide website design services across Canada, we primarily service Vancouver Island and BC's lower mainland.

Contact Us discuss your requirements.


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